Open Source Summit Europe 2017

November 22, 2017
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This was the first Open Source Summit for me, and for everyone in Europe. The formerly ‘LinuxCon’ has been re-branded as it now covers topics beyond Linux such as Containers and Cloud. So LinuxCon, ContainerCon and CloudOpen are now under the same event.

Apart from the morning KeyNotes, I mostly attend talks around ContainerCon and CloudOpen tracks. The hot topic as expected during the whole conference was around containers and Kubernetes, so the majority of the talks had references to these technologies or they were directly around them. People using Containers and Kubernetes are mainly concerned about how to properly manage the traffic coming to their containers, how to monitor and get metrics from their containers/clusters/microservices and Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery. Of course, everyone wants to get all this automated.

During the Conference, I had the chance to meet some Red Hat colleagues and folks from former companies I worked for, and discuss how they are taking advantage these days from Cloud and Container technologies. Many of them came from different industries and it was interesting to notice that even in industries using old monolithic and old fashion infra, the container “fever” is starting to knock on their doors and they are willing to open them. The digital transformation is definitely a thing already happening and not just another fancy word.

I had the opportunity to collaborate with Scott McCarty during his presentation around Linux Container Internals. The material used during the presentation can be found at this link. Feel free to ping me or Scott for any question on this topic.

Regarding getting traffic into your Kubernetes Cluster I liked the talk Effective ingress traffic management with traefik. The product looks promising. We will see more of this during the following months with Istio coming to OpenShift in Feb/Mar as Tech Preview.

Some links from the event:

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